Spring Has Sprung!

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

It’s finally here. Robins, flowering trees, buds on everything and green grass, which means another season of grass maintenance.  Statistics show that 99% of Auburn Hills’ residents, property owners and businesses regularly and routinely maintain their lawns.  However, for the few that don’t, the City enacted an ordinance allowing the City, through a contractor, to cut grass in violation of the ordinance.  This ordinance is in effect from May 1st to October 15th.

Grass over eight inches tall is in violation of the City's ordinance
Grass over eight inches tall is in violation of the City’s ordinance

Ordinance 78-28 prohibits certain noxious weeds and grass in a residential neighborhood taller than eight inches.  Houses with grass that long are affixed a green violation sticker to advise them to cut the lawn within 72 hours.  Commercial buildings and vacant lots are notified by mail to cut within ten days (more time is given to allow the Post Office to do their magic.)

If the grass is not cut within the allotted time, one of two contractors will be assigned to cut the grass.  One contractor is assigned residential and the other to large, usually vacant, lots.  The owner is billed for the contractor’s fees plus a substantial administrative fee.  If not paid, the fee will be added to the owner’s property tax bill, along with an additional transfer-to-tax fee.

As stated earlier, the vast majority of residents take care of their lawns.  This percentage is increasing yearly as the number of foreclosed homes is decreasing.  Keep up the good work folks.  And as I say every year, let’s keep Auburn Hills green, not overgrown.