Welcome New Police Officers

New Officers with the City’s Executive Command Staff

One of the greatest joys of my job is welcoming new employees to our Team.  Yesterday, I watched as Ryan Riedy and Joseph Sears were sworn-in by City Clerk Terri Kowal as new Patrol Officers.  I would consider our police department to be among the best in the state, and we are certainly proud of its many accomplishments and its reputation among the many academies from which we interview candidates.  During the swearing-in, I quietly stand off to the side while I watch family and friends beaming with pride.  Certainly this is always a big day for them as these Officers begin what will be a long and rewarding career.  But of course, there is always the element of risk associated with a job that often comes into contact with the worst that society has to offer.  So with great pride comes a certain amount of nervousness.  What we want these families to know is that as an employer, the City always appreciates and values the work of these officers, and all of our employees for that matter.  Being a public servant is not easy.  And when it comes to being a police officer, it’s a very tough job and not one that I could do.  And because I couldn’t do it, it makes my appreciation for these employees even greater.  Welcome, Officers Riedy and Sears.  Serve the citizens of this community well, and at the same time, be safe!

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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