A Fond Farewell


As a rule, I don’t blog about employee retirements.  Our celebrations are usually internal among staff, they’re low key, and most employees don’t want a lot of fuss.  However, I felt compelled to make an exception for an employee who is retiring from the City about a week from now.  Carol Little came to the City of Auburn Hills fifteen years ago.  She had previously worked for Oakland County in their Equalization Department, the larger equivalent to our local Assessing Department.  Carol hit the ground running because she was experienced in so many aspects of assessing operations.  An added bonus is that she is an Auburn Hills resident.  About a year ago, Carol indicated her interest in retiring.  She was expected to finish out calendar year 2015, but with the combination of her own thoughts about retirement readiness and some urging from the City, myself included, she stayed on for another six months to help us out.  As City Manager, and previously as Assistant City Manager, I have been actively engaged in real estate transactions on behalf of the City. Nearly every one of these transactions has had some support from Carol.  On numerous occasions, I would call or email her to request property information, and like clockwork, Carol knew what I needed and she provided it very promptly.  Citizens know her by her friendly demeanor, her smile, and her willingness to help.  Carol came to work on time, had very little absences, tended to her work with diligence, would pitch in where needed, and was a joy to know. Yes . . . employees like this really do exist.  She knows what it means to be in service to the public. 

I want Carol to know that the work she performed for the City of Auburn Hills is very much appreciated.  She had a very good impact on the community in which she works and lives, and has earned what I hope will be a long, healthy and happy retirement.  All the best to you, Ms. Little.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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  1. Excellent blog about an excellent employee. Carol will be missed very much! Thanks for acknowledging this sweet lady …. everything you said is so true!!!


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