Dad’s Day

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

This coming Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day.  Dating back to a 1912 celebration of a Civil War veteran who was a widower who raised his six children in Spokane, Washington, it didn’t become an official national holiday until 1972.  Originally many men opposed the holiday because it “degraded their masculinity” and, often, became their responsibility to pay for the presents their family gave them.  Now, it is regarded as a day to remember and acknowledge the most important man in all of our lives, Dad.

Happy Fathers Day

The eternal question is: “what the heck do I get the old guy?” Unless he’s some sort of fashion maven, forget “the tie.”  A good rule of thumb is to ask what interests, hobbies or little pleasures your father has.  My dad, Al, (may he rest in peace,) had a crazy sweet tooth.  Sanders Mint Smoothies were always a sure bet.  But some chocolate covered strawberries ordered on-line would work great if your dad loves that sugar.

If dad enjoys a snort now and then, a bottle or case of his favorite potent potable would work.  Facial hair?  Why not a new beard/mustache trimmer.  It may be gross but one of the best gifts I got from my lovely daughters was an ear/nose hair trimmer.

If dad is an outdoorsman, a trip to one of the big box sporting goods stores could score you ammo, fishing flies or boots.  If he’s a reader, obviously a book on a subject you know interests him.  If a movie buff, there are plenty of DVD’s or Blue Rays to choose from.  (I recommend “The Revenant.”)

It doesn’t have to be a gift.  Cook him his favorite meal or take him out to his favorite restaurant.  Take him to a ball game.  (Maybe at the new “Jimmy John’s” stadium in Utica.)

The main thing is to remember his day and make it a day he will remember as well.  To all dads, step-dads and grandpas have a happy Father’s Day.