Run for the Ribbon

On Sunday (Father’s Day), staff of the City Manager’s office participated in the Run for the Ribbon event at the Detroit Zoo.  The event concludes a week of activities to bring awareness to men’s health issues.  Team Auburn Hills consisted of four employees from the City Manager’s office.  They are:  Samantha Mariuz, Alanna Stockley, Don Grice and Tom Tanghe.  They, along with family members, made up a Team of twelve participants to raise money and awareness for the cause and benefitting prostate cancer survivorship.  It was a perfect day as the sun was shining and temperatures at the start of the race at 8:00 a.m. had not yet gotten too out of control.  Kudos to our friend Dr. Michael Lutz for orchestrating an amazing event that drew thousands of people.  And a special mention to the Detroit Zoo which afforded the opportunity for all of the runners/walkers to be admitted to the zoo after the race was over.  If you haven’t been down to the zoo lately, you have to check out the new penguin exhibit.  It is second to none!  Those who might be interested in donating to the Run for the Ribbon (MIU Men’s Health Foundation) may still do so.  Visit

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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