We are secure – and we are excited about it!

Auburn Hills Police Department

Today was a really great day for us.

Today’s blog is about a part of policing that normally isn’t very exciting.  But it is important to us and to you.  Like most organizations these days our records contain big data and we link to state and federal criminal justice big data too.  I know you’ve read about and maybe have been affected by big hacks like Target, Home Depot, even the IRS got hacked.  And your personal information is out there in cyberworld.

We know our data is sensitive and we know it is our responsibility to guard it properly and see that it is used lawfully.  But even we, who are so very careful, swallowed hard when we got the following email message in May:

Dear Ms. Gina Thomas,

The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division will conduct a Criminal Justice Information Technology Security Audit of the Auburn Hills Police Department…

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