Setting the Stage for Survey Results

surveyLast week I informed you that we would begin to share survey results from our recently conducted citizen and business surveys conducted by the Public Affairs Research Laboratory (PARL) at Oakland University.  Today, I want to first provide a little information about the process and an introduction to the demographic characteristics of those who responded so that you can have a better sense of what you will read in the days and weeks ahead. 

To begin, PARL sent out 1,200 surveys and received a response rate of 25%.  This provided the City with a result of a margin of error of 6%.

Of those who returned the survey, 59% were female and 41% male.  They broke down by the following ages:  20-29 (11%), 30-39 (7%), 40-49 (11%), 50-59 (23%), 60-69 (24%), 70-79 (17%) and 80+(6%).  The number of households with children under the age of 18 was 31%.  In terms of the length, the respondents have been a resident of the City, that is as follows:  20+ years (39%), 11-20 years (26%), 6-10 years (9%), 1-5 years (23%), and under 1 year (4%).

Geographically, respondents were located throughout the City as follows:  Northwest (16%), Northcentral (8%), Northeast (28%), Central (13%), and South (34%).  Those who are currently working were 66% of the respondents while 34% are retired. 

Next, we dive into the actual results.  Keep an eye out for that information as it continues to roll out.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

Setting the Stage for Survey Results

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