“Silicon Valley Meets Motown” at Nexteer Automotive

Silicon Valley is home to companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. When these companies come to mind it is easy to think of their incredible office spaces; food for employees, flexible work schedules and collaborative spaces are just a few of the highlights. When were hear about these companies many of us believe we will never see anything like it. I believed the same until I stepped through the doors of Nexteer Automotive at their grand opening and ribbon cutting last week. The new facility is simply breathtaking and certainly earns the title of “Silicon Valley meets Motown.”

The facility seamlessly connects with employees at the company’s other locations. Individuals in Saginaw were able to hand write a message that appeared on a whiteboard in real time here in Auburn Hills! The employee cafeteria was home to large touch screen displays that showed traffic maps for the Metro Detroit area and other important announcements for employees and visitors.

The work space of the building was designed for collaboration. At every turn there were common spaces of various sizes. The office is almost completely open. Each work space features desks that can accommodate both sitting and standing. Co-workers are easily accessible and collaboration occurs naturally. The handful of traditional offices in the building are much smaller than the typical “corner office” and feature glass walls, promoting both transparency and, again, collaboration.

Nexteer Automotive has created a workplace that brings together the best of their industry and the proven success of the modern collaborative work space. They are right to call the building their “smart headquarters.” We wish Nexteer continued success as they and their employees settle into their new home. And we’re certainly proud to be their World Headquarters hometown.

Sam Harris, Management Assistant 

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