A Simple Prescription For Clean Water

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

Does your medicine cabinet have any unused prescription medicines in it that you no longer need or have passed their expiration date?  If so, do you know there’s a safe and easy way to dispose of your old and unneeded prescription medications that do not harm the environment?


The Auburn Hills Police Department is part of Operation Medicine Cabinet, a program that allows you to drop-off prescription drugs with no questions asked.  The benefits of the program are far-reaching, from preventing prescription drugs from entering our water system and environment to protecting our youth from the harmful misuse of prescription drugs.


Now it’s easier than it has ever been before.  The Auburn Hills Police Department installed a drop-off bin a couple years ago in the lobby of the Public Safety Building where you can safely dispose of your old medications seven days a week, no questions asked.

There are only five simple rules:

  • All drugs must be brought in sealed baggies and not in the prescription bottle
  • Only prescription drugs are collected
  • Needles are not accepted.
  • All liquids must be sealed
  • Inhalers and aerosol containers are not accepted

How simple is that?  Help keep our water, environment and our families safe.