“Who are you?”

If you are from my generation, the thought of this question may get you to start humming the popular 1978 song from the English rock band The Who. Perhaps those of you younger than me will remember this tune as the theme song from the popular television show CSI that ran on CBS from 2000 – 2015.

Either way, it begs a very important question, “Who are you?”

Defining who the City of Auburn Hills is for our residents, businesses, and visitors was exactly what we set out to accomplish when we formed an 11-person committee. Our goal was to create the City’s first official mission, vision, and values statements.

The committee was comprised of staff from many different levels and disciplines throughout the organization, each with a different perspective on who we are. Despite these different perspectives, it was clear at the very first meeting that we all felt strongly about who we are as an organization and common themes began to emerge. Words like excellence, attentive, and efficient governmental services were just a few of the key values that were mentioned at the beginning. With that common ground established and guidance from our City Council, the committee went to work.

After four very interactive and productive meetings, the committee, along with City Council, was able to accomplish something that had not been previously completed in our 33-year history as a City; the defining of our first mission, vision, and values for the City of Auburn Hills.


The song goes on to ask the question at least 155 times (I lost track) “who are you?” Well, now we can proudly point to our mission, vision, and values and respond – This is who we are!

Don Grice, Assistant City Manager

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