New Downtown Café Keeps It All In The Family

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

During this busy holiday season, there are many opportunities to “shop small” in Downtown Auburn Hills.  Small, independently-owned businesses are essential to our local economy and make our city the special, hometown place that it is.


The Family Table Café is a recent and welcome addition to Downtown Auburn Hills.  Joe Kidder, his daughter, Jocelyn and son, Brandon are all equal partners in this new venture.  This casual and comfortable restaurant was an idea that developed naturally for the Kidder Family.


Joe’s daughter, Jocelyn, had been intrigued by cooking since grade 3 when she researched Chef Emeril Lagasse for a school project. After high school, she completed a cooking program and began working alongside her brother, Brandon, at an upscale restaurant in a nearby community.  Over the years, it became a dream and goal to own a place of their own.

The dream became a reality when a restaurant owner and friend of Joe’s decided to retire early.  This restaurant-ready family opened their doors in early fall of this year.


The menu promotes a fresh, healthy way of eating “without going off the deep end” said Brandon.  They serve the old favorites, like burgers and fries, but use fresh ingredients and put a spin on tradition with great offerings like the Apple – White Cheddar Omelet, Balsamic Chicken – Strawberry Caprese Salad and the Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wrap.


Visit The Family Table Café at 3343 Auburn Road.  They’re open Monday – Saturday, 6am to 3pm and Sunday from 7am to 2pm.  We wish this family-owned business much success.