Connecting You To Now

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations

Each year, the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce hosts the State of the Community event.  Yesterday we gathered on the campus of Oakland University to listen to Mayor McDaniel deliver a great speech outlining the accomplishments of 2016.


It’s hard to believe that so much can get done in just 365 days.  If I sum up all of the approved projects in 2016, I am astonished to report that the Auburn Hills City Council reviewed and approved over $170 million worth of new developments, redevelopments and business expansions last year.  In all, the 22 projects include an assortment of residential, commercial and industrial developments.  We actually issued more building permits this past year, than in any year since 2001.


There was another special moment that took place at the event.  Mayor McDaniel unveiled our new City Logo.  This new logo is a year in the making, and we are very proud of what it represents.  The logo shows connectivity and portrays our new central city Diverging Diamond Bridge.  The color connecting the “A” and the “H” is Auburn.  As you can see, this was thoughtfully designed as it links our businesses, residents, students, and visitors together – connecting you to now.

Cheers to a happy and prosperous 2017!