The H.U.B. Stadium – The Center Of Late Night Fun

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

The City is happy to announce the successful opening of The H.U.B. Stadium.  This new entertainment venue will serve as the home of urban bowling (aka Bombowling) and the center of late night fun for the many residents of Southeast Michigan and beyond.


The H.U.B. features 16 bombowling lanes, event space that can accommodate parties of up to 400 people, a menu that should please a wide range of taste buds and two bars that offer an assortment of beverages, including premium craft beers.


If you and your friends are up for something fun to do, like trying to knock down bowling pins with a football, stop by the H.U.B. Stadium.


It’s easy to find – located in the former Big Buck Brewery along Opdyke Road, just south of University Drive.