Building Official Jeff Spencer Honored For 30 Years Of Service

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Yesterday was special for us.

Numerous City staff visited our Department, and gathered around some wonderful Costco cake, to congratulate Building Official Jeff Spencer for 30 years of dedicated and outstanding service to the City of Auburn Hills.

Building Official Jeff Spencer (left) and Assistant City Manager Don Grice (right)
Building Official Jeff Spencer (left) and Assistant City Manager Don Grice (right)

Jeff Spencer has played an integral role in the City’s growth and has a ton of experience.  He has helped ensure the safety of hundreds of buildings, which is quite a legacy.   It is people like Jeff who help make our community great.

In front of his co-workers, friends, and family, Jeff gave a heartfelt thank you to everyone and provided some sage advice:

  1. Keep life in balance.  Work hard for eight hours, have eight hours of fun and down time, and sleep eight hours.  Mess that up and things get crazy.
  2. Keep working to improve yourself and your skills.
  3. Do your homework and don’t try to do things on your own.
  4. Take action.  Don’t be scared to make a mistake.  You can also get in trouble for doing nothing.
  5. Be a mentor to someone.  Teach the younger generation and pass on your knowledge.  Don’t forget that you can also learn the skills they have to offer.
  6. Change and get better or you will be left behind.

Jeff … Thank you for your service to the City of Auburn Hills.  You are an awesome big brother.  I look forward to working many more years side-by-side with you.