Auburn Hills Welcomes New Full-Time Firefighters

(From left to right): Chief Manning, FF David Burnett, FF Breana Deming, FF Michael Riedy, FF Dane Hazelton, FF Michael Heinrich, FF Christopher Siewert, FF Anthony Summers, Assistant Chief Macias.

Today was a proud moment for me as I looked on as City Clerk Terri Kowal administered the Oath of Office to seven new Firefighters.  Last year, with the wonderful support of the Auburn Hills community, the citizens voted to increase funding for the Fire Department in order to expand what was a traditionally small Fire Department workforce into one that will more adequately protect the citizens, businesses, and visitors to our community.  About one year ago, we were a department of 14 full-time Firefighters.  Today, we are pleased to announce that with the addition of those just sworn in, including one who was not in attendance today, we have 20 full-time Firefighters which will allow us to staff all three of our fire stations.  We still have one more to go very soon to bring us to our desired operational total of 21.

Congratulations to David Burnett, Breana Deming, Dane Hazelton, Michael Heinrich, Michael Riedy, Trevin Robinson, Christopher Siewert, and Anthony Summers.

Many thanks to Chief Manning and Assistant Chief Macias for their leadership and guiding the new recruits.  

And finally, congratulations to the citizens of Auburn Hills who today welcome seven new Firefighters to the community that are eager to serve.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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