Retirement Wishes to a Great Public Servant

Chief Doreen Olko presents Lt. Cas Miarka with a shadow box commemorating his successful career with Auburn Hills.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, we bid farewell to our Team member, Lieutenant Cas Miarka.  Lt. Miarka served the community of Auburn Hills in our police department for nearly 26 years.  Starting out as a Patrol Officer and moving up the rank to Lieutenant, Cas has supervised every function of the department at one time or another during his career.  His education and experience made him an asset to the community and he was truly dedicated to the citizens and businesses of Auburn Hills.  Although I’ve known Cas for the more than sixteen years I have been with the City, it was in the last couple of years that I got to know him better as we worked together to deliver education to our business community about Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter training.  It’s a difficult subject to discuss with people, but he presented it in a way that gave our business community the skills they needed to deal with a bad situation should it arise.  

We wish Cas all the best in his retirement.  While we know that he is actually going to continue to work in another role here in Oakland County, we know he will remain close to the Auburn Hills organization to which he was so dedicated.  May you have a long, healthy and happy retirement Lieutenant Miarka.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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