A Career Well Done

OU President George Hynd and VP for Student Affairs Glenn McIntosh present Dr. Dolly with a memento from the university.

I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Pat Dolly several years ago when she arrived as the president of the Oakland Community College/Auburn Hills Campus.  Impressed with her character and credentials, I couldn’t wait to recommend her for an appointment to one of our community boards.  The added bonus was that Pat is an Auburn Hills resident.  About four years ago, she took on a new role in the administration at Oakland University as a special advisor to the President on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  When I attended her retirement gathering on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, and heard those who worked with her speak of her accomplishments, it was apparent that she had found the perfect role at OU and they had found the perfect person for that role.  

An incredible portrait made of words describing Dr. Dolly’s accomplishments was presented by Dr. Hynd.

We certainly hope Pat will maintain her position with the Auburn Hills Tax Increment Finance Authority Board of Directors for which she is a member.  And like OU, we hope she has a little extra time so that perhaps we can call upon her for some other things where her knowledge, skills, and abilities can further improve upon what we do here at the City. 

All the best to you Dr. Dolly on a retirement that is well deserved and certainly earned. 

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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