How Can I Contribute?


From time to time, citizens and businesses ask about how they can be involved in the community.  Sometimes there are community needs that didn’t have time or treasure planned for them.  So I thought I’d share a few words on the topic. 

Recently, we recognized the active use of the pathway that runs along North Squirrel Road by citizens and employees of Auburn Hills’ businesses.  It was suggested that we place benches along the pathway to provide resting points for pathway users.  Through the Auburn Hills Community Foundation, we put the word out about a plan to install ten (10) benches along the pathway.  It was an easy way to get the community involved.  For a donation of $450, the participant sponsored the purchase and installation of a bench and had the opportunity to be recognized on the bench.  The benches will be installed in the next few weeks and will be a great addition to the North Squirrel Road corridor.  The benches were all sponsored within two weeks.  We want to thank all of our donors whose benches will be showing up soon. Check them out and you will see who the donors are behind each bench installation. 

There are many other opportunities to contribute to the community and it doesn’t have to be monetary.  Donating your time is also a very highly sought after commodity.  Many volunteer opportunities are available, particularly in our Senior Services department.  And then again, maybe you have your own ideas about how you can help.  We also have a number of wonderful non-profits around the City that serve the community.  For example, the Boys & Girls Club is in desperate need of some patching of their parking lot.  Since their focus has to be on delivering programs to youth, spending on the parking lot can’t be a priority.  Are you about to have any work done on your parking lot?  Could you include a little patchwork in the job that you’re doing to help out the Boys & Girls Club?  This is a great example of how you can help.  Let us know how you want to become involved and if there’s an opportunity, we’ll make it happen.  We’d love to talk to you about it.  You can contact the City Manager’s office or any other department within the City.  All of our contact information can be found on our website at

Tom Tanghe, City Manager 

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