The Honor of FIRSTS


Whenever our Team is involved in business recruitment or expansion plans, I always make a point of conveying a message to the company that we’re meeting with that we are honored that they have chosen to invest in Auburn Hills.  It’s flattering that with all of the choices a business has in terms of the community in which it could locate, that they choose Auburn Hills.  Equally as flattering, if not perhaps even more flattering, are companies who elect to further invest in our community.  This tells me that their experience has been good and they have the confidence to invest even further to remain here.  In many cases, these companies might have locations in other parts of the state.  So it is significant when Auburn Hills is selected as a company’s FIRST Michigan location. 

We have had that honor bestowed upon us when Sea Life Aquarium chose Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills as their first Michigan store.  On the heels of that opening came Michigan’s first Legoland, also at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.  Both are stores/attractions owned by Merlin Entertainments.  Soon these attractions will be joined by another first, Round 1.  This entertainment attraction is a combination of bowling, arcade games, billiards and more and will have a rather substantial footprint at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.  Another Michigan first was the opening of Noah’s Event Venue, a high-tech versatile meeting and celebration place in a beautiful setting located at North Squirrel Road and Cross Creek Parkway.  And finally, the recent announcement of Topgolf which is proposed to be just outside the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets property will be another Michigan first and promises to be an incredible golf practice experience for those who do and don’t play the game regularly.  As you can see, Auburn Hills and the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets area is becoming a tourism and entertainment destination.  We certainly welcome and encourage other Michigan FIRSTS, and continue to support and say thank you to those that have already called Auburn Hills home for a very long time.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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