Third Time’s a Charm


I have a rule of thumb about giving endorsements about the service industry.  I like to try to have three positive experiences before I start bragging about a service just to make sure that the service is really consistent and proves to be of good quality on a regular basis.  So today, when I drove to the McDonald’s on Five Points Drive, I had my third good experience in a row with the service and decided to brag about it. 

First of all, I’m not much of a fast food guy.  I only go to the drive-thru every once in awhile when I have a craving for a diet Coke – light ice.  I’ve placed that order once per week for the last three weeks, each week at a different time and on a different day.  I point that out because I’ve had various employees at this McDonald’s take my order.  Consistently, the order taker has politely greeted me and has been upbeat and friendly.  And best of all, I can understand what they say.  We’ve all had the experience of a muffled voice coming out of that drive-through speaker box and you have no idea what the person just said to you.  Next is the first window where they collect your money.  Each time, someone verified my order, clearly stated the amount of money I owed, and thanked me.  Next is the second window where I pick up my drink.  Again, always greeted politely, order is verified, and I’m thanked.  There must be some good management people at this McDonald’s because all of the employees that I have encountered have been very good and it is clear that they have been trained in the art of good customer service.  Congratulations to the McDonald’s on Five Points Drive on accomplishing something that many fast food restaurants have been unable to accomplish.  Keep up the good work!  It’s being noticed.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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