Unlimited Commitment To Our Waters

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

On the sun-filled Saturday of August 19th, dedicated volunteers from the Clinton Valley and Vanguard Chapters of Trout Unlimited (TU) worked together to improve the water and habitat of the Clinton River in an area just downstream of the Auburn Court bridge.  During their hours of dedicated service, these loyal stewards of trout streams managed to remove over nine bags of trash and other debris from the river that had been accumulating in a log jam.

They also took time to remove and reposition the logs within the log jam to open the stream so it can flow more freely and prevent the banks of the river from eroding.  All in all, the day’s efforts were a success!  The group’s commitment went a long way in improving the health, recreational use (fishing and kayaking) and aesthetics of the Clinton River.

Woody Debris Before Cleanup
Woody Debris After Cleanup

The City of Auburn Hills sends out a special thank you to Mark Johnston who took the lead in planning the project, all the volunteers from Trout Unlimited who participated, as well as Peninsula Plastics who provided room in their dumpster for all the trash and debris collected from the river.