The Future Of Automation Is At ABB

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development and Community Relations

I had a fascinating morning yesterday with our Mayor and City Manager – it was ABB’s Innovation and Technology Day.  ABB is a leader in industrial automation and recently sold the first robot manufactured in the United States.

The morning was filled with updates about ABB’s investment in new technologies that will allow them to serve their customers more efficiently.  I’ll admit, it was all a little over my head, especially the “intercloud” discussion.

Mayor, Kevin McDaniel with ABB President of the Americas Region, Greg Scheu

We then toured the facility where staff showcased technology that was unique to ABB.  We saw a lot of really interesting robots, but two that stood out were the robots that can make shoes in under three minutes and the UMI robot that made my espresso.

Espresso making robot

We are very proud that ABB has called Auburn Hills home for nearly 25 years.  We wish them continued success!