Update On Downtown Project: Residences At Thirty-Two 50

Posted by – Samantha Seimer, Director of Authorities

If you have driven through Downtown Auburn Hills lately you have probably had these two thoughts: 1) the holiday lights and decorations are amazing, and 2) when will we see that project at the southwest corner of Auburn and Squirrel Roads begin?

This past year, over $1 million was spent on the environmental cleanup of the property located at 3250 Auburn Road to make it development ready  The City’s Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality both contributed loans to support the project.  In addition, the developer has been working to secure financing for the project guaranteed by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Residences at Thirty-Two 50 will consist of a 4-story building with approximately 3,900 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and 48 market-rate apartments on the upper floors.  The investment is estimated at $7.5 million

The developer says that, although the process has taken longer than he wished, he is “very excited about getting started” … and so are we!  Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2018.  Y2018 will be an exciting time for Downtown Auburn Hills as more developments are anticipated to come.