The No. 1 Resolution … Get In Shape

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

Each year approximately 58% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, and the one resolution that continues to show up at the top of the list is, you guessed it, getting into shape.  This should not be a big surprise after all since many people have celebrated about three holidays over the last six weeks, much of them involving eating a hearty dinner with family members or snacking on appetizers with friends.

If you resolve to get back into shape, there are a few places in the City of Auburn Hills that can assist you.  Each business offers various programs and classes designed to help you meet your goals.  So, if you need some motivation to meet your fitness goals, check out one of the businesses below to see if they have a program that interests you.

While you’re at it, you may also want to check out the various recreational programs provided by the Auburn Hills Recreation Department.  They offer some athletic and fitness programs to help you get back into shape, as well.