City Council Begins The Year With Several Project Approvals

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

The City Council had a busy agenda last night, as they approved the following development projects:

Mobil Gas Station – demolition of the existing Mobil gas station located at 810 N. Opdyke Road and replacement with an attractive new ten pump gas station and convenience store.  The project will be a tremendous improvement and help beautify that section of Opdyke Road.

Rendering of the new gas station viewed from Featherstone Road

The HUB Stadium – retrofit and upgrade of their existing Opdyke Road sign with a new high-tech LED automatic changeable copy component so that the business can better display their specials, events, and unique offerings.

1220 Pacific Drive Building – overnight outside storage of trucks on property located behind the building currently under construction near the southeast corner of Joslyn Road and Pacific Drive.  The developer is in the process of securing a corporate headquarters for the facility.  The new tenant has a need to store several trucks in the parking lot, which will be used for testing purposes only.

Pacific Drive Speculative Building – one-year extension of the project’s February 2017 approval to construct a 50,000 square foot light industrial building at the northeast corner of Taylor Road and Pacific Drive.  The developer reports that they are currently working to secure a potential tenant for this site and intend to construct the building this year.

Rendering of the proposed building from Taylor Road