Driving Talent Forward

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development and Community Relations

One of the most valuable partnerships we have in the economic development world is with the Oakland County Michigan Works! team.  Oakland County Michigan Works! provides education and technical training services free of charge to businesses and employees at Michigan Works! at various locations throughout Oakland County.

When our Business Assistance Team goes on retention or attraction visits, Oakland County Michigan Works! is at the table to discuss talent management and training opportunities to meet the needs of Michigan employers.  Finding skilled workers has become a challenge in almost every industry across the board and Oakland County Michigan Works! stands ready on the front lines to help companies meet those talent needs.

Providing training and talent support to our businesses is key to their overall success.  As technology changes, so do the training needs of companies.  Everything from on-the-job-training to apprenticeships are supported through a wonderful collaboration with Oakland Community College’s Economic and Workforce Development Team.

Identifying and developing talent will continue to drive Michigan’s economy forward and give them a competitive advantage on the global stage.