Working To Stay On Top Of Our Game

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development and Community Relations

To remain competitive in the global market, the City of Auburn Hills must build confidence among businesses and developers by adopting efficient development-related strategies and processes. This involves planning for new investment/reinvestment, identifying assets and opportunities, and focusing our resources.  Our goal is to make Auburn Hills attractive to the business community as a place to invest their resources and bring jobs; and where people will want to live, work, and play.

Ground breaking ceremony held last year for INCOE Corporation

To remain at the top of our game, the Auburn Hills City Council recently approved the City’s participation in the Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) program facilitated by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).  We believe that it’s always smart to participate in a self-evaluation program from time to time to learn how to get better.

RRC is a state-wide certification program that evaluates how communities have integrated transparency, predictability, and efficiency into their development practices through a set of best practices.  The MEDC formally recognizes communities that complete the certification for being proactive and business-friendly.

Right now, we’re in the self-evaluation process which has the City looking at areas such as collaboration, public outreach, zoning, and community prosperity.  As we proceed through the program, our team stands ready to learn new things and proactively improve our planning and business development efforts.