Each month, depending upon need, the City Council holds a workshop before one of their City Council meetings.  The purpose of each workshop is usually one of two reasons.

First, it may be designed simply to be informative, perhaps in the category of training for the City Council.  The other is to seek feedback and direction from our elected leaders for the purpose of creating policy.  Last night’s workshop was led by Fire Chief Jim Manning and was a review of the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and City Council in the case of a large-scale emergency that would cause the City Manager to declare a State of Emergency.

Chief Manning presents the Emergency Operations Plan to Members of City Council

Chief Manning presented the steps that would be taken should there be an emergency declaration as he reviews the Emergency Operations Plan with City Council and staff.

Nearly every employee of the City, in addition to your elected leaders, have a role in supporting citizens in such an emergency and being prepared to take on that role was the purpose behind the workshop.


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