Plogging, Anyone?

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Community Development Executive Assistant

Just this morning, I learned that there is a growing fitness trend here in the US that combines physical activity with environmentally-friendly activity.  It started in Sweden several years ago and it’s called Plogging – a combination of “plocka upp”, which is Swedish for “pick up” and jogging.  This idea is now promoted by Keep Michigan Beautiful (KMB) as a fun and healthy community activity.

While jogging, stop along the way to pick up discarded plastic bottles, wrappers, etc.  A 30-minute plog will burn an estimated 288 calories compared to a 235 calories jog.  Deep knee bends and lunges to pick up litter add to the physical benefits.  A simple concept, right?  It’s a win/win – a healthier you and a healthier environment.

The Auburn Hills Beautification Commission is hosting a “Keep It Clean” event on Saturday, May 12th at 10 a.m.  This event welcomes everyone.  You can choose to focus on a cleanup walk or try plogging with a group of your friends, family or co-workers.  Contact the Community Development Department at 248.364.6946 for more information and to sign up.  Together we make Auburn Hills a clean, healthy and happy place to be.