Pardon Our Progress – Preparation for Auburn Road Construction

In preparation for the Auburn Road Construction, the raised planter boxes will be rehabilitated. Over the years, the existing pear trees have become problematic as the root systems have overgrown their available space in the planter boxes. Additionally, the overgrowth has caused interference with existing electrical and irrigation systems.

Planter Box


The City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works will begin removal of the pear trees on Saturday, April 7, 2018, beginning at 7:00 AM. Minimal traffic interruptions are anticipated and traffic controls will be in place. The incremental work is anticipated to be completed in mid-Summer, and will include new soils and irrigation, LED lighting, and the planting of new trees.

Planter Box Roots x2

Under Construction


We are very excited about the growth of downtown! The construction is anticipated to begin on April 16, and to be substantially completed by the end of October. This project is expected to encourage more pedestrian traffic by improving the walkability of downtown, upgrade infrastructure to better serve our businesses and residents, and the new planned developments will bring more residents to the downtown!


Questions, comments, concerns about the project? Contact Samantha R. Seimer, MPA, Director of Authorities: 248-364-6806,

One comment

  1. I live in the downtown area and I am pleased to see that the work is going to be done. The real problem is that no enforcement is being done to stop the commercial trucks going through downtown. They have completely wrecked the roads and are also very loud. Before you fix the roads fix the problem that made the road the way they are.


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