New Signs Proposed To Proclaim Corporate HQ’s Along I-75

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

We wish to report that a development application has been submitted to the City of Auburn Hills by General Development Company to allow the installation of new monument signs along I-75 adjacent to the Oakland Technology Park.

Rendering of how the massing and spacing of the signs will look along I-75 from a driver’s perspective

This proposal will allow three additional signs for a total of five along this stretch of I-75.  All the signs will be evenly spaced and similar in size.  Two signs exist today in the area for Henniges and Faurecia.  One of the three new signs proposed will be installed by Hirotec America.  The other two new signs will be assigned to future businesses currently being recruited for the remainder parcels within the Oakland Technology Park.

The sign concept is similar to the “stylons” utilized at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, but much shorter at 20 feet in height.  Like Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, the Oakland Technology Park is a distinctive area in the City.  However, this tract of land is unique as the businesses located within the park are hidden behind a significant strand of trees, as shown in the mocked-up drone photo below.

Mock-up of bird’s-eye photo showing the massing and spacing of the proposed signs

The new signs will allow the corporate headquarters within the Oakland Technology Park to be showcased in a tasteful, aesthetically pleasing way.  This is particularly important along the highly sought-after I-75 corridor where 100,000 plus vehicles travel each day.  The City is enthusiastic about the public having an opportunity to be reminded of the type and caliber of businesses that call Auburn Hills home, particularly in this park where they cannot be seen.

The resurgence of the Oakland Technology Park has been a bright spot for the City of Auburn Hills and Oakland County as it has fueled the region’s economic recovery from the Great Recession.  Since 2011, General Development Company has developed and built nine projects for national and international companies within the park totaling 1.2 million square feet.

Those interested in learning more about this proposal are encouraged to attend the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall.  A final decision on the application is anticipated by the City Council on Monday, June 11th.