Topgolf Auburn Hills Project Takes Off

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Community Development Executive Assistant

Construction of the much-anticipated Topgolf facility in Auburn Hills is well underway.   A walk of the site and structure this morning showed incredible progress in the past month.

Concrete floors on the upper levels of the building will be poured tomorrow and electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors will begin work this week.

On the site, workers will begin to set bases for large net poles.  Nets will be hung from 120’ poles (some buried up to 30’ in the ground) to skirt the northern portion of the site in front of I-75.  Delivery of the poles is scheduled for this Friday so commuters will soon get a first-hand look at construction as it happens.  But just a quick look – all eyes on the road!

A rendeing of the netting structure

Within the next month, the net poles, concrete, parking lots and framing will be complete.  Check back for updates on this exciting project.

A birds-eye view of construction progress within a one-month time frame.