Volunteers Needed for the Spring 2018 Rake & Run

We are looking for Volunteers who would enjoy helping an elderly homeowner in our community get their yard ready for spring!

Nexteer 13


Every year numerous volunteers from the community, civic organizations, schools, and business volunteer to help clean up yards for senior citizen homeowners.

Rakes and yard waste bags in hand, these wonderful volunteers spend 4-6 hours raking and cleaning the yards up yard waste left over from winter. We have several yards this year, and need a few more volunteers to help.

Chrysler Engine Systems 11-13-15

This can be a great opportunity for employee team building, civic groups, student groups, Scouts, sports teams, and families. If you or your organization can give 4-6 hours to help a senior give us a call at 248-370-9353 or email kadcock@auburnhills.org.

Karen Adcock, Director of Senior Services

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