Paddlepalooza Reaches A Milestone

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, City Planner

Paddlepalooza will reach a milestone this year – its 10th anniversary – on Saturday, June 2nd.   Over the past nine years, more than 1,000 kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts have participated in Paddlepalooza, an event organized by Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills to celebrate Clinton River and demonstrate the recreational value this scenic river has to offer.

Many paddlers return each year to take the 8 mile trip down the Clinton River with friends and family members. While some enjoy viewing the abundant wildlife during their excursion, others enjoy the competition of the kayak or canoe races.  Participants and observers agree that the start of the kayak and canoe races are some of the most entertaining parts of the event.

Those more familiar with this event know about “the race within the race.” Each year Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills enter a team or two into the two-person canoe race to win the coveted “Mayors Challenge Cup.”  Both Auburn Hills Mayor Kevin McDaniel and Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett have each held the cup in victory over the years, but their competitive spirit pales in comparison to the passion they have for preserving one of this region’s most precious resources, the Clinton River.

If you enjoy kayaking and/or canoeing, come and join the fun.  We hope to surpass last year’s record attendance of 155 participants.  For more information about Paddlepalooza, please visit the following website:

Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters: