Building for our Little-Big Downtown

As construction occurs downtown we optimistically look forward to what lies on the other side of the dirt, dust, noise, and inconvenience that is associated with these kinds of projects. As I’m sure most of you know at this point, the construction in our downtown was necessary to replace and upsize an aging water main, and to remove and replace the deteriorated road surface throughout our downtown. When completed, we will have a narrower road section on Auburn Road between South Squirrel and North Squirrel Road which will create a more appropriate downtown environment.

In addition, we will also be installing a functional roundabout at the current faux traffic circle at the intersection of N. Squirrel and Squirrel Court. Lastly, we just completed the ground breaking for our new amphitheater and splash pad in Riverside Park which is scheduled to be completed this fall. Additional details regarding these projects can be found at our Department of Public Works page.

In conjunction with our projects, there are also a lot of private investments that are scheduled to happen in our downtown this year.

  • Midwest Innovation Lofts (The MiL)– a four-story 25,243 square foot mixed-use building on a 0.16 acre parcel located at the southeast corner of S. Squirrel and Auburn
  • Riverside Townes Condominiums– 14 townhouse units on a 1.08 acre site located at 3321 Squirrel Court, just east of Riverside Park
  • Residences at Thirty-Two 50– a four-story mixed-use building on the southwest corner of S. Squirrel and Auburn
  • Primary Place– six new townhome buildings on the southwest corner of Primary Street and Grey Road.

As we move into the future I couldn’t help but think of some of the downtown businesses of yesteryear. I still remember the Bowling Alley, Patrick’s (before the fire), Pontiac State Bank, and the True Value Hardware to name a few. However, if I had to pick a favorite, I’d pick Tony’s Donuts!

As you can tell there is a lot happening in our downtown this year, so we ask for your patience as we remember the past and build our future.

Anyone else have fond memories of our little downtown?


Downtown Auburn Hills
Downtown Auburn Hills in the early 1980s


Don Grice, Assistant City Manager of Auburn Hills

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