Rollin’ With The Changes: August 15th Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control and, just as the REO Speedwagon rock anthem wisely exclaims, you “… got to, got to roll with the changes.”

As a little background, the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act requires that notice must be published in a newspaper of general circulation not less than 15 days prior to the date of a public hearing.  Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, that required publication did not occur last week for the Planning Commission’s four public notices.

Since the legally required 15-day notification has not been met, the following four projects will NOT be reviewed by the Planning Commission on August 15th and have been rescheduled for their September 12th meeting:

  1. Autoliv Building and Parking Lot Expansion
  2. Residences at River Trail
  3. Genisys Credit Union – Changeable Copy Sign
  4. Rezoning of Oakland Community College and WMU-Cooley Law School Properties

As a result, the Planning Commission has cancelled their August 15th meeting.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 248-364-6900.