I often joke that when I attended OU from 1985-1990, earning both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees during that time, OU was a one room schoolhouse. Well, not quite. But I do remember the excitement surrounding a milestone of having a student body that crossed the 11,000 mark. Now, with a student body that hovers around 20,000, OU is an even more exciting and inviting place for higher education.

Today I spent some time with my staff at Grizzfest, a tremendous event drawing hundreds upon hundreds of students to the area out front of Kresge Library where students could learn about the many things that OU has to offer them as they return to class. If you’re a Freshmen, it’s a “must attend” event. Looking around campus today, this year’s class is welcomed by many new and exciting additions to the campus such as the new 750-bed Hillcrest Residence Hall, and the incredible and newly expanded Oakland Center. Walking through the Oakland Center today I was envious of new students who get to take advantage of its many modern amenities. Frankly, just having enough seating for everyone is going to be a great achievement. And best of all, both of these new facilities are located in Auburn Hills!

Congratulations to OU and to the entire OU student body who are the recipients of these great new amenities. With all of the excitement around campus, there’s no doubt that more and more students of all ages will be giving serious consideration to OU not only for its quality and affordable education, but also for the amenities that it offers in the category of mid-sized universities. OU has it all. GO GRIZZLIES!

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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