Downtown Truck Traffic

As major road construction in our downtown comes to an end in the next few days, it is important for the City to protect its investment through traffic management. Well over $3 million was spent on new streets, landscape, sidewalks, round-a-bout, and underground utilities to position our downtown for its next growth phase. We are most grateful to our downtown merchants who have endured months of inconvenience but have persevered through it all and to the many citizens and visitors who often had to detour around it.

As part of the complete opening of all of the streets downtown, we will begin enforcing limitations on truck traffic today. We have already observed very large trucks continuing to use our downtown as a pass-through; driving over sidewalks, jumping curbs, and significantly damaging landscaped surfaces. New traffic control orders that go into effect today (November 8, 2018) will require trucks to use specific routes to get to our downtown for local deliveries only. No truck traffic, including for local deliveries, will be permitted on North Squirrel Road from Auburn Road to the M-59 interchange. Citations will be issued to truck drivers who disregard these traffic control orders.

It is our intention to make certain that we provide the information necessary to prevent truck drivers from receiving unnecessary tickets due to lack of knowledge about this change. Therefore, we encourage those who might be impacted by this change to learn more about it by visiting:

We look forward to the cooperation that we expect to receive from all truck drivers in the interest of preserving our downtown infrastructure and keeping it safe as a pedestrian-focused area of the City


Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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