The Holidays Are a Team Effort

We love the holiday season here at the City, especially over at the Department of Public Works! Construction season is wrapping up, the holiday decorations downtown and around the City go up, and we prepare for our winter operations.  The City has several boom trucks in its fleet. With these trucks, we can install street signs, trim trees and do electrical work. But how about raising a 25 foot Christmas Tree in front of City Hall? That’s where it gets tricky. One truck isn’t tall enough. The other truck is tall enough, however its boom is not designed for lifting materials, just people and so on.

Safety is a huge deal at the Department of Public Works. We deal with a lot of hazardous conditions, heavy equipment, and tools that can easily cause injury if misused. Safety is always on our mind. As you can imagine, we take operating aerial lift equipment very seriously. As we often do, we had a meeting to discuss what equipment and people would be needed to safely do the job, and we concluded that our equipment is not ideally suited. What to do next? This is where the spirit of the holidays comes in, and a little neighborly help. Kaltz Excavating is a family-owned Auburn Hills business which has been in business since the 1970s. They are experts in underground utility construction such as cable, gas, electric, and sewers. As luck would have it, they also have a pretty nice crane in their fleet. When we reached out to them, their owner Terry could not resist the holiday spirit and quickly agreed to provide a helping hand. A crew from Kaltz showed up yesterday morning with their 75’ Peterbilt crane-truck and helped usher our city campus into the Christmas spirit.

Special thanks to our city electricians, grounds staff, roads staff, and the guys from Kaltz for getting the tree installed in a safe manner, with minimum disruption to traffic, for everyone to enjoy! The holidays are a team effort, and it’s nice to have such great neighbors and staff come together to get the job done right!

Stan Torres, Manager of Municipal Properties

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