Woman Empowered Event Delivers Inspirational Life Lessons

On Friday, November 16, I was pleased to once again attend the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce event titled “WOMEN EMPOWERED.”  Three dynamic and inspirational women leaders discussed their career paths to success, including their own personal trials and tribulations along the way. As a man, we sometimes forget about the additional challenges many career women face such as, the incredible balancing act of giving birth and raising children, among other things, while maintaining a successful career that may include ongoing training and development, travel, etc.  Listening to the panelists, whether you are a man or a woman, certainly gives you a sense of appreciation for what women leaders endure as they strive for career achievement.

I try to be very intentional about attending this event each year.  The event has grown year-over-year under the guidance of our own successful leader, Chamber President Jean Jernigan.  Around two hundred people were in attendance and I’m happy to say that there were a number of men in the audience.  While there is always discussion about leadership differences between men and women, you also begin to recognize that there is a lot we have in common in our leadership styles and methods.

I was pleased to attend the event with several women leaders from the City staff at all levels and departments of our organization.  The City of Auburn Hills continues to maintain a leadership team that is almost nearly equally split between men and women.  And it is always important for me to say that this is not necessarily achieved by design, but simply because the best people are in the role in which they serve.

Left of center/back row: Firefighter Breana Deming, Fire Chief Ellen Taylor, Finance Director/Treasurer Michelle Schulz
Left of center/front row: Senior Svcs. Program Coord. Natalie Stasyk, Media Communications Specialist Torri Mathes, Karen Adcock Senior Svcs. Director, Graphic Designer Sarah Lawrence
Right of Center/back row: City Manager Tom Tanghe
Right of Center/front row: HR Generalist Bianca Karjo, Exec. Asst. to the City Manager Alanna Weber, Manager of Business Development and Community Relations Stephanie Carroll, Deputy City Clerk Kris Klassen

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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