Winter Excellence

As most of you know, our municipal campus is located on the southwest corner of Squirrel and University. If you haven’t visited, this complex houses a number of interesting buildings and offers a wide range of services. In addition to City Hall, the Public Safety Building, Library, Civic Center Park and the Community Center, this complex has ten main parking lots. Which is quite a bit of work to maintain for a municipal campus, and we are lucky to have some very dedicated staff members working hard every day to provide the best possible service for our residents, employees, and visitors!

The sidewalk in front of the Community Center.

Kudos to the grounds staff and the whole team at DPW for their hard work during this very challenging weather. We had staff members come in as early as 4 am to begin treating areas covered with snow and ice. The ice was quite a challenge, and we had to throw a lot of personnel and materials at it. When you have great people, the right equipment, proper materials, and a plan, this is what your sidewalks look like during an ice storm… perfect.

Stan Torres, Manager of Municipal Properties

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