The Right Tool for the Job

We are always on the lookout for efficiency at the Department of Public Works. As you probably know, tractors and vehicles are expensive, and the more specialized that piece of equipment is, the more it tends to cost. These factors are always on our minds. We are always asking ourselves: What do we really need to do the job? How can we do things differently and how can we increase efficiency?

A few months ago we had this discussion when two pieces of our equipment had reached their end of life and needed replacement. One machine is primarily used by our Grounds Department and the other is used by the Roads Department to aid in asphalt repairs. These are both small machines, designed to get into tight spaces,. and perform specialized work.

Each of them is the right tool for the job, but are there any other options out there? This is where it gets interesting. Turns out that there is a multi-purpose tractor that can do both of the jobs that the existing units currently do. This tractor is small enough to fit down sidewalks, into landscaping areas, down park trails, into the parking garage downtown, and has the perfect sized bucket to work with the asphalt machine we use. It’s called a Multi-One, and it can do a lot of things.

In fact, the manufacturer offers over 160 different attachments which means there are endless possibilities. We will be getting 4 attachments with our new unit: a bucket, plow blade, power broom and a set of forks. These four attachments will allow us to do everything the other two machines did. Down the road we may expand our capabilities if it makes sense, time will tell. As for now, we know this new machine has the right tools for the right jobs and we will be keeping very busy using it year round.

For anyone who is curious, our new Multi-One machine is a “7 series”, and their website is here:

Stan Torres, Manager of Municipal Properties

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