An Anglers Paradise

The anglers fishing the waters in Downtown Auburn Hills are having a blast these days and for good reason.  On Monday, the DNR Fisheries Division released 500 brown trout into the Clinton River at Riverside Park. So for the weeks and months ahead, swimming the waters of Auburn Hills will be trout ranging between 13 to 17 inches in length. There’s also a good chance a few of the more wily trout will find residence in the waters for years to come.

The City is grateful to have been selected as the stocking location for the surplus trout and looks forward to continuing its collaboration with the DNR, Clinton River Watershed Council, and Trout Unlimited (Challenge, Clinton Valley, Paul H. Young, and Vanguard Chapters) to protect and enhance the water quality and fishing conditions of the Clinton River and its tributaries. 

Are you a big fishing family? Come try your skills on the Clinton River at our 16th Annual Fishing Derby on June 8th at Riverside Park. Learn more at

Shawn Keenan, City Planner

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