The warmer weather has arrived and the city’s trails are starting to see a lot of activity.  From runners to bikers, our trails are for everyone!

A few tips to stay safe on the trails

  • Stop, look and listen for motor traffic before proceeding across the road! There are locations where the trail crosses streets with motor traffic. These intersections are usually marked with stop signs for trail traffic, but the crossing motor traffic does not have to stop.
  • Pass others on the left. Just like out on the road, faster trail users should pass slower users on the left. Give an audible warning with a bell, or call out “Passing on your left!”
  • Stay in control.  Slow down if you need to.
  • Pets on the trail should be under control at all times. Please remove pet wastes.
  • Don’t litter along the trails. Leave only footprints (or tire tracks).

Check out for the six golden rules for trails as presented by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC).

Safety for all users on the Clinton River Trail in Auburn Hills is of paramount importance. Remember, the trails are a shared public space — safety and courtesy make for a positive trail experience for everyone. So, please respect your fellow trail users.

Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development and Community Relations

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