Our 2019 Interns

For about the past dozen years, the City has had an internship program whereby a Management Assistant is brought onboard to learn general local government management in the City Manager’s office.  From time to time, we have also had other short-term internships in areas such as marketing, information technology, and human resources. This year, as part of our 2019 budget, we included an opportunity for up to six interns in various disciplines.  As we continue to enjoy a robust economy, local government is competing with the private sector for quality employees.

Local government is not always a consideration for individuals seeking employment, so one way of introducing early career individuals to the public sector is through internship experiences. As a result, we developed six internships across our organization in 2019 to provide an introduction to these various areas of local government. So far, we have recruited four individuals and we wish to take this opportunity to welcome them to our organization.  They are:

Andrew Hagge, Management Assistant

  • City Manager’s Office
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a minor in History
  • Oakland University. Graduated in April 2018

Bella Lauinger, Fire Department Intern

  • Expected graduation – May 2021
  • Pursuing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health & Safety
  • Oakland University

Matthew Fodera, Finance & Treasury Intern

  • Expected graduation – August 2019
  • Pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science with minors in business analytics, mathematics, and finance
  • Oakland University

Haley Sharrow, Human Resource Intern

  • Expected graduation – December 2020
  • Pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Management
  • Wayne State University

We wish all of our interns a very positive work experience and appreciate their interest in Auburn Hills and hope they might consider an ongoing career in local government.

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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