Quiet Professionals

In the Armed Forces, it is considered an honor to be a quiet professional. There are, as one might imagine, various interpretations of what it truly means to be a quiet professional. For me, this is someone who is working towards becoming a craftsman at what they do. They are willing to do the job that needs to be done regardless of how challenging the work may be and expects no recognition for their service.

Looking back now, I suppose this is what drew me to pursue a career in local government administration. This field, by nature, is an entire arena full of resilient, quiet, professionals working to implement government policy efficiently, effectively, and equitably for those in which they serve.

Take my Department of Public Works colleague June Jones for example. June, a mother of two daughters and a son, a grandmother to two grandchildren, as well as a dog owner of three Golden Retrievers, has aided in administrative support services for the City of Auburn Hills since December 1999. During that time, she has served thousands of stakeholders including residents with utility bills, business owners with permits, and her fellow City staff on day-to-day tasks, and other various projects and initiatives.

No doubt a craftsman at what she does, June has worked to serve our community and others for over 20 years. June is always willing to do what needs to be done and is someone with whom I can personally tell you places more value on doing things right, rather than being recognized for the services she provides.

June, we thank you for your service!

Aaron Stahly, Deputy Public Works Director

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