Replacement of Assets

The City of Auburn Hills DPW works diligently to receive competitive pricing on new City vehicles. These vehicles are used by the DPW to maintain our City’s infrastructure, the Police and Fire Department to help keep our community safe, the Community Center for Meals on Wheels delivery, and by other department to help deliver essential City services.

As time progresses, the value of the vehicles decreases, while the cost to maintain them increases. For vehicles and other large pieces of equipment, there comes a time when it makes more financial sense to sell and replace them than it is to maintain them. For vehicles, we assess each one to determine the point at which the City can maximize its return on investment by selling it. When a vehicle or piece of equipment is due to be replaced, it is posted on either MITN (Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network), or GovDeals, depending on the item being sold. These auction-style platforms allow for residents, businesses, and other municipalities to bid on the items. If you, or someone you know, is interested in purchasing municipal property, check out the links above!

Aaron See, Manager of Fleet & Roads

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