Clinton River Water Festival

The City of Auburn Hills has many ways in which it interacts with Oakland University.  One of these interactions is the annual Clinton River Water Festival which took place on Friday, May 17th.

Each year, the festival attracts hundreds of fifth-graders from around the region to learn about the importance of water and water quality, and more specifically, the significance of the Clinton River. The event is filled with educational sessions and activities that raise the level of awareness for students who attend. This year, the event attracted 1,200 students. 

From left to right, Reginald McCloud, Shawn Keenan and Glenn McIntosh, V.P. for Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer

This event began as a coordinated effort between our very own City Planner Shawn Keenan, who is also our resident expert on water quality issues; and Reginald McCloud, Director of Pre-college programs at OU.  These two gentlemen have over the years developed, along with other stakeholders, a program that has now become a staple of environmental education on the OU campus. Hats off to Shawn and Reginald for a job well done. You can both be proud of the work you are doing each year to educate students on the importance of the Clinton River, and be equally proud of the growth of the event and its impact on future generations.

We also want to recognize our other partners who enthusiastically support this event.  They are: Clinton River Watershed Council, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office, and Cranbrook Science Center.

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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