Supporting Our Neighbors

I’m a big proponent of shared success. Auburn Hills is doing well. We have a robust business community, a residential housing boom, and a number of companies locating or expanding here. We are proud of our community but we also celebrate the successes of our neighbors. Having a great community is more than just what happens within your own corporate limits, it’s also about the good things that happen in the communities around us that strengthen the greater area. 

When I attended Pontiac’s State of the City Address at the impressive United Shore building on South Boulevard, I was happy to hear about all of the great things that are happening in their community. When investment is made in places like Pontiac, Rochester Hills, Orion Township and throughout our County, it brings all of us up. It usually means more jobs, more opportunities, and increased quality of life for everyone. I wanted to attend the Pontiac event in support of my friend and colleague, Dr. Deirdre Waterman, Mayor of Pontiac. But I also want to make sure that the Pontiac community knows that Auburn Hills is a good neighbor and that we are cheering on Pontiac’s ongoing achievements. 

Mayor Waterman presented a long list of accomplishments over the past year and all of the work that her administration is doing to remain laser-focused on the Pontiac comeback. Business investment, neighborhood improvement, and the return of community events are all part of the new Pontiac story, not to mention the return of a healthier fund balance that gives Pontiac some working capital to support their continuous improvement plans. The evening began with an exceptional performance by some very talented young men and women from the Pontiac All-Star Marching Band. That was followed by a presentation of flags by the Pontiac High School JROTC Color Guard and the singing of the National Anthem by Trinity Morton. 

Congratulations Mayor Waterman, the Pontiac City Council, and the citizens of Pontiac on what is clearly a Pontiac on the move.  

Thomas A. Tanghe, City Manager

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