Elite Detection K9 to Locate HQ and Training Center in Auburn Hills

On Monday, June 24, 2019, the City Council approved plans from Elite Detection K9 (EDK9) which will allow the existing industrial building located at 2700 Auburn Court to be renovated into the company’s new headquarters and training center. The investment is anticipated to total approximately $4 million.

EDK9 was recently founded to specifically breed, raise, and train scent-detection Labradors and other working breeds, as well as provide certified K9 teams.  Due to an increase in global and domestic threats, there is a high demand for American-bred explosive scent-detection dogs to protect schools, hospitals, businesses, public venues, etc.  There is an estimated shortage of 6,000 trained dogs needed to detect explosives.

Explosive scent-detection dog with trainer

Renovations on the building are expected to begin later this summer, with occupancy taking place by Spring 2020.   

Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

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